Product Type:

Sanitary Design Agitators

Medicinal and drug producing application require agitators of extremely high quality design with high specification product contact surfaces and material traceability imperative to ensure no adverse effect on, tainting or contamination of the end product's raw ingredient. Lightnin have specialised in this space for many years.

All in tank parts are welded, ground and polished to extremely high finish (Ra values). Stainless steel of low ferrite content and or hastelloy are commonly used in this market. Only the very best of the high specification mechanical seals from a variety of global suppliers are selected to ensure effective sealing and containement within the tank as well as avoidance of any ingress from outside.

Magnetic Drive agitators, both top mounted - Lightnin BioCIP as well as bottom mounted, - Lightnin MBi Series,  are ideal solutions for high specification, high value raw ingredient repeatable agitation in validated mixing processes. By the nature of these applications the quanties being mixed are small and the values extremely high. Lightnin's design team will look into every element of the design to ensure that the highest quality prevails and validated mixing occurs down to the last drop.