Food & Beverage

Healthy, presentable, palatable flavour filled foods are what the consumer expects and wants.  Manufacturers take on the responsibility for ensuring the food item is presented correctly with the stated ingredients contents and without chemical or microbial contamination. 

 State of the art manufacturing facilities handle the food ingredients from reception through ingredient blending, heat treatment and packaging to ensure a safe product for consumption by the end user within its shelf life.

As a supplier to the Food Industry we are only too aware of the manufacturers concerns for supply of a safe consumer product, free from chemical or microbial contamination. Equipment designated for Food Industry applications will be specifically selected to ensure not only correct process duty and maintenance of product integrity but also suitability for C.I.P and S.I.P cleaning, drainability and ease of use. 

The equipment supplied by Glazik will be effectual in use, effectual in cleaning and immediately ready for use post cleaning. Equipment can be compliant, as required, with F.D.A, and E.H.E.D.G specifications and guidelines