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Gear Pumps

For smooth, high quality, un-interuppted and even bi-directional flow the Johnson Gear pump ticks a lot of boxes. Probably the most versatile of the Johnson pump ranges the Top Gear Pump covers fluid flows up to 250m3/hr, viscosities from 0 to 80,000cpsi, fluid temperatures up to 300oC, fluid pressures up to 20 bar. 

Pump casing and idler and rotors can come in iron or stainless steel while pump jackets are available in Electric, Trace Heating, Steam or thermal oil. Pump sealing options are available in Packed Gland, Cartride or Mechanical Sealing. For safe operations Safety Relief Valves can be built on to avoid system over-pressure occurances.  Field applications from Diesel Fuel to Chocolate are indicitave of the range of applications and across industry uses that the Johnson Gear Pump lends itself to.

Top Gear L - Low Viscosity


Top Gear G - General Purpose


Top Gear H - High Demanding Applications

Top Gear L - Low Viscosity, Pressure 20 bar, Flow 9.5m3/hr, Temp 250oC, Viscosity 80,000 cpsi. 

Top Gear G - General Purpose, Pressure 16  bar, Flow 250m3/hr, Temp 300oC, Viscosity 80,000 cpsi. 

Top Gear H - High Demanding Applications, Pressure 20 bar, Flow 125m3/hr, Temp 300oC, Viscosity 80,000 cpsi.