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Lightnin Gearbox Designs

Long and strong free hanging shafts, wide impellers with large surface contact area mixing a viscous product down at the bottom of a tank is a common mixing process demand encountered by Lightnin Mixing Units. High torque and bending moments can be experienced by long agitator shafts in ardous process mixing applications. 

SPX's Lightnin Gearboxes from Series 10, Series 70 and Series 700 families are gearboxes designed specifically for process mixing applications. On the market and proven, in thousands of applications over many years, these workhorse units have each components intricitally engineered to withstand the demands of the mixing duty.
Splash lubrication of partially immersed gears ensures the intregretity of the interface between gear sets.  Increasing or decreasing rotational speeds can be easily done by simple replacement of the change gears. Contamination of process by gearbox lubrications oils is avoided through the Dry Well design.