Heat Exchanger

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning applications and most manufacturing processes, at some stage, will require Heating or Cooling. In product manufacture thermal processing can be pasteurisation, sterilisation, evaporation, condensing or cooling.

Process Applications vary widely from Sterile applications in Pharma/Biotech to Waste Water Cooling before discharge to watercourse. Whatever the application, food or fluid viscosity & thermal properties there will be a heat exchanger design to fulfil the duty.
Glazik supply a full range of heat exchange solutions from Brazed & Gasketed Plate designs to Shell & Tube, Scrape Surface and special application custom design units. Units are sized & selected for the specific process requirement with considerations for peak or future demands.
Allowances are made in the designs for space restrictions, installation and maintenance access. Full scheduled service solutions are provided which include gaskets, plates, plate packs etc all available ex stock.

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