Product Type:

Nettco All Stainless Mixers

In environments where high levels of wash down are commonplace traditional iron, cast iron mixing units can be more susceptible to rust, paint removal etc. Where product integrity is important SPX's Lightnin Nettco all stainless mixing units substantially reduce risks of paint, rust or other debris inadvertently ending up in product mixes.

Functionality and impeller designs of the traditional, similar sized Lightnin mixer units are maintained. Units come in a variety of sizes. Interchange ability of mounting from open tank to closed tank models is an added feature where mobility from tank to tank may be required.
Unique Modular Concept Features:

Sanitary all stainless steel design

Direct and gear options provide full range of shaft speeds
50 Hz and 60 Hz

Simple, compact, CE, 3A clean design available


Multiple style impellers available