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Lightnin ECL Agitators

The Lightnin ECL agitator from SPX covers a large percentage of the industrial application where Lightnin units are used for process mixing. Units come complete with motor, gearbox, lip or mechanical seals, shaft and impeller assemblies.

Agitators for open tank, closed tank, flange, tri-clamp and clamp mounting are available as standard.

Sizing of the units is dependant on the vessel size and the process mixing requirements. Units are designed for use in safe area, Atex Zone 1 and occassionaly Atex Zone 0 designated zones.

Mixing technology is all in the impeller design and agitator positioning within the tank.

Lightnin Impellers will be selected to be the most effective for the process whilst drawing the least amount of power. This efficiency lowers power demand with notable monetary and environmental savings.