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Lightnin Mixers

Process requirements for mixing/agitation can vary widely depending on the application. Liquid-liquid mixing, solids or powder dissolving, solids suspension, tank off-bottom suspension, uniform mixing are some of the applications. SPX's Lightnin Agitator range from ECL, Series 10, Magnetic Drive Mixers, Sanitary Mixers, Side Entry Mixers, Laboratory Mixers,right up to larger units with robust gearboxes.

Mixing can be low shear and gentle to high shear and vigorous. Applications may require gas integration/dispersion as part of the process or may need gasses excluded to prevent foaming or product contamination. Water like viscosities to glue, whatever the mixing application Lightnin will have the technology.

Vessels may be cylindrical, rectangular or square, baffled or unbaffled. Agitators can be located as Top, Bottom or Side Entry. Whatever the tank geometry or agitator position the Lightnin agitator from SPX will be selected to give the optimum process result with minimum energy consumption. From project inception Lightnin Agitators are always sized and selected by Glazik to be easily installed and commissioned, give a long life service with minimal maintenance requirements.

Glazik will arrange installation and commissioning, optimise process performance, co-ordinate operator training and advise on scheduled maintenace programmes. Once selected for the application the agitator will work very well. If changing the process or moving the agitator to another vesssel, then it is always wise to contact us to ensure compatability of the system dynamics.