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Vortex Pump for Dirty Water - CombiDirt

Generally centrifugal pumps prefer handling fluids that don't carry solids or contaminants. Site conditions can however vary widely, Applications in water and waste or mining applications dont always have the luxury of clean consistent uniform fluids. 

The CombiDirt Pump from Johnson Pump is a heavy duty design pump capable of handling solids up to 100mm. The pump impeller is located so as to allow free passage of solids between housing and impeller. The impeller positioning generates a vortex and secondary flow by the impeller on the main flow. Vanes on the rear of the impeller keeps solids away from the meachanical seal area minimising wear and potential damage. 

CombiDirt Vortex Pump Units come in three different pump sizes capable of giving total flows of up to 420m3/hr and Total Head of 40 meters. Both Horizontal and Vertical Pump arrangements are available. The back pull out system allows for easy maintenance and parts and repair service are readily available from Glazik.