Product Type:

Sanitary Pump - Top Wing

Designated by SPX as their Pharmaceutical Pump the Johnson Top Wing is a design leader for pharmaceutical and biotech applications. Each pump is designed, manufactured and finished to end user specification and comes with a complete documentation package. 

At the wet end Bi,Tri and multi lobes rotating in counter rotation directions gently move the product from suction to delivery side. Small tolerances between rotating lobes and housing ensure minimal back slip and maintain deliveries at designed working pressures. 

Wet end materials are polished and electropolised to end user specification requirements, while slight metallurgy differences between rotors and housing allows for different expansion rates during hot product, hot cleaning or Steam in Place services. 

Oversized shafts optimise stability of rotor positioning during operation.  Special tooling alows for ease of removal of front cover and rotors enabling easy access to mechanical seals while the pump is in situ. 

An air gap between product wet end and drive ensure complete seperation between these two pump sections eliminating risks of cross contamination of drive lubrication fluids. 

Inlet and outlets come in different sizes and designs as specified by end user while alignement of suction and discharge is in the vertical plane to ensure self draining following CIP and SIP.