Product Type:

Magnetic Drive Bottom Entry

The Lightnin Magnetic Mixer is a unique bottom entry magnetic drive mixing unit. It is the only magnetic mixing unit available in the market that is capable of dry running. The Lightnin patented bearings enables this dry running, ensuring validated mixing until tank is empty.

Units are available in a number of sizes, materials and finishes to suit customer requirements. Tank plates are installed during vessel manufacture, final drive and impellers mounting follow prior to Factory Acceptance Test.

Lightnin Magnetic Drive units from SPX will mix liquids in vessels until empty. Vortexing of fluids in tank or dry running are not an issue for the equipment as the bearings are designed for this duty.

The higher design specification of the Lightnin MagMixer avoids the requirement for further in tank liquid level equipment and control loops which are otherwise required with other magnetic dive mixers in the market.

Lightnin Magnetic Drive units come in a variety of families MBi, MBH and MB.

Within each family there are 3 to 4 different size units and also some variation in impeller designs.

Scale up from Lab or Pilot Plant trials is equivalent making the validation process almost seamless.  Full material specifications in line with FDA, USDA and EHEDGE requirements are available.

MBi Units come in 4 sizes as follows:

Motor Powers are from (0.37-0.75)KW

Vessel Sizes from 25 itres to 10,000 Lires

Viscosities - water like