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Big Bag Discharge Sytems

 For convenience, ease of storage and economies of scale, reduced handling and transportation of material is very desirable.    Material can be delivered in single 20kg or 25kg bags, palletised, 1 ton bags or in road tankers. Whatever the delivery method, when they arrive at thier point of use, safety, spillage avoidance, ease of handling and effectiv integration into the process is essential.  


The Tomal Big Bag Discharge System from Glazik provides all of this.

Big bag emptier 

Overhead hoist raises and lowers the bag into position within the sturdy frame of the Tomal Big Bag System.  Once in position the operator will fit the lower end of the bag into the reception hopper so that spillage will not occur when the bag is opened or during operation.  Once in position the bag is then untied/opened at its outlet and the system is ready for use.


The system includes the Tomal Metering Screw so effective discharge to process at the desired rates can take place. Mechanical conveying of the the powder or solid from the system can be done using screw conveyors or alternatively transportation can be pneumatically by fluidising the powder at the outlet of the system and then blowing to its use point.


Control and automation loops can be included with the system.  Low level product alarms can be seen locally or picked up remotely.  Variations in feed rates can be regulated by inverter control from a procees feedback signal. Loss of services such as power and air will also be alarmed.  The unit comes fully assembled and wired ready for use.



Powders and Solids can differ widely in their characteristics.  Site to site Process Requirements will also vary widely.  On site space availability can also be at a premium. 


To ensure the best solution, a site visit from Glazik is always recommended. Process requirements, site space and services availability are reviewed.  Many options and previous Tomal applications will be discussed and site visits to see identical or similiar equipment in operation can be arranged.