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Environmental Impacts of Equipment Selection

Climate change is impacting globally. Recovery and Re-use of heat can be achieved easily and at a relatively low cost through intelligent engineering of plant processes and utilities.  Recovery of valuable assets can be used in-house, by a co-located facility or exported for social and domestic community use.

The District Heating Unit from APV captures waste heat from heat sources, operational facilities to reuse in other locations.  Opportunities exist for effective heat capture and green power generation at Biogas Plants once government policy changes to make these significant opportunities viable.

The environment can be considered when selecting a piece of equipment for your process plant.  Units that are fit for purpose and cost compliant may normally be determining factors when deciding to purchase.  Considering the environmently impact could actually save money through both capital and operational costs.

A310-A510 s

Glazik selects the Lightnin A310 Impeller for the vast majority of their applications.  The A310 is hightly efficient giving excellent flow output results while drawing low levels of power from the drive motor.  Dropping a few KW's on power requirement on a agitator running 24/7 will save on running costs and probably on material costs due to smaller sized more efficient equipment.


Start up torques on the Progressive Cavity Pump are a key consideration when sizing a motor for these pumps. Over coming the start up torque can lead to selection of bigger motors which when running may not be the most efficient.  Wih special designs around stator inlet the requirement for oversized motors and running of motors inefficiency is greatly reduced.  Smaller more efficient motors, smaller more efficient pumps, savings in capital and running costs.


Factoring in the Environment when considering equipment selection can pay back.